Eavesdropping is an ongoing project based on language and human interactions, in which I use phrases or statements that are overheard and pair them with images to alter both of their meanings. This work is highly centered around dark humor and the evolution of language. 

After hearing an odd statement, I become fixated and have it on repeat in my mind throughout the day. On a hike, around 2008, my parents and I overheard someone shout “OMG Becca!” Ever since then, my parents and I have been saying this phrase in place of any other exaggeration.

I think about decorative signs and inspirational posters in homeware stores that say things like, “but first, coffee” and “my garage, my tools, my rules.” These signs are ridiculous but mundane in a way that makes me love and hate them at the same time. 

I don’t know why we say the things we do, but I like to imagine a story behind it all, no matter how vulgar, or eccentric the phrase may be. Everything is “live, laugh, love.”

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